I’m not trying to turn you into designers. But I do want you to become a bit more designerly.


I believe that as managers and entrepreneurs you will create value from using design, and designers, more effectively.


Because the human-made artifacts and processes around us have all been designed by someone, but not always intentionally (“silent design”). And because people engage with and create value and meaning through their experiences with these artifacts and processes, arranged into what we call products and services. I think you should be attentive to the design of those experiences and the crafting of those arrangements.


To create value from using design strategically and working effectively with designers, customers, employees and stakeholders, you need to

  • Understand what goes on in design, why, and when, and what this means for the projects and organisations you manage
  • Know when and how to apply design approaches and methods to develop insights, generate and explore ideas, and implement them in agile, collaborative processes
  • Understand how designers work and think, what they do well and what they do less well and why this matters in multidisciplinary projects
  • Organise your resources to enable appropriate use of design expertise (internal and external) during any design process
  • Increase your design literacy so you can ‘read’ and evaluate the outputs of designers’ work such as sketches and prototypes, and judge the quality of design outcomes.