• Definitions of design
  • Design thinking
  • Design process and design methods
  • Managing design as a strategic resource
  • Design-led innovation
  • Designing for service
  • Managing as designing

How I teach this elective

This elective is taught partly through hands-on exploration of design, complemented by readings, class discussion, visits and guest speakers. The argument of the elective is that designed artefacts are all around us and that successful organizations will be attentive about when to invest resources in design and the management of design. In order to demystify the creative process, the elective will give students an opportunity to explore key practices including collaborative workshops with design students. For each session, I highlight required and suggested readings. But for students willing to invest the time, I recommend several others.

At the end of this elective, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the contribution that design and design management can make to realising strategy, creating competitive advantage and dealing with contemporary problems;
  2. Apply design approaches and design management frameworks to organizational domains such as strategy, operations, product development and innovation management and to social questions;
  3. Apply relevant methods, tools and techniques from design and design management to support product and service development and innovation processes.