Designing Better Futures summer elective: 52 exec MBA and full-time MBA students

Live project: Service innovation design project with MDes Service Design Innovation students at London College of Communication, UAL

Guest speakers: Simon Pullman Jones, GfK; Phillip Joe, Microsoft

Studio visits: Sapient Nitro, Method, Priestman Goode, Futuregov

In addition to workshops and lectures held in Oxford, about two thirds of the class time during the elective were spent in London to carry out a collaborative service design project. During the project, the  exec MBA and MBA students from Oxford collaborated with MDes Service Design Innovation students fromLondon College of Communication. Together they worked in small, cross-disciplinary teams to generate and prototype service concepts in response to insights generated in ethnographically-informed user research.

Methods used during the two-day workshop were

  • User research by doing ethnographic interviews based on the persona template to understand people’s relationships to their own wellbeing and health.
  • Creating personas for whom you will do designing.
  • Creating  visual service blueprints showing scenarios (stories) of use and interaction for specific personas, aiming to achieve particular health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Sketching touchpoints such as apps, web pages, devices, or packaging.
  • Peer review to give and receive feedback.
  • Using the Business Model Canvas to explore alternatives and present a visualisation of the business model you think is embedded in and delivers your service concept.


What if? provocations shaping the project

  • What if the service provider opened up access to the data to others such as public health providers, insurers, users, and others?
  • What if it became a well-established socio-cultural practice that people constantly tracked and uploaded their own data?
  • What if people were willing for data about their activities and movement to be shared with public sector providers?